Interior view of a modern, bright office with a window front, work desks and screens

The inside is reflected on the outside: the new building shows function in its form with architecture that reflects the power of innovation, showing at first glance what the GIESSEREI as a working and living space is all about.

Moderner Gebäudekomplex mit begrünter Dachterrasse und Outdoor Sitzbereich


The forward-looking concept of the GIESSEREI is captured by the reduced modern architecture of the new buildings. Minimalist exposed concrete paired with generous glass facades. Elements of aluminum and wood as a visible connection between past and present. Multifunctional spaces allow for a variety of design options and have a clear message: there is room for ideas, development and togetherness.


Three buildings, countless design possibilities. This gives industries of all kinds a place to work and thrive.

Note: Details of the rental areas are gross areas incl. proportional development and technical areas.

Campus Lageplan

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Floor plans of the three parts of the new foundry building on Zeppelinstraße, Lilienthalstraße and Dieselstraße

ARCHITECTURE CREATES LIVING SPACES More than just elegant building fabric, the GIESSEREI is an innovative campus with principles: sustainability from the building materials, to the energy supply and mobility concept, to the insect hotels on the green landscaped outdoor areas. Inspiration begins with the fine details. Each one is a building block for the comprehensive redesign of this work and living area.

Offener Büro-Campus mit Sitzflächen, Tischtennistisch, begrünten Außenflächen und Passanten
Großzügige Innenräume auf zwei offenen Etagen mit Büros, Labs und Werkstätten im Gebäudekomplex der Giesserei in Garching
Lebendige und diverse Arbeitskultur und Austausch unter Mitarbeitenden am Tisch mit Laptops

"Yesterday's locational advantages meet today's flexibility to create a place for tomorrow's businesses."

Andreas Kellner, a+p Architects

Mann im Telefonat im begrünten Außenbereich
Fahrradfahrer auf der Straße


"At BEOS AG, we see ourselves as makers of possibilities/enablers. To this end, we develop buildings with open and spacious room layouts that offer a high degree of diversity and flexibility. At its core, it is about your individual concept, the tailor-made suit for your company."

Daniel Fielitz, Leiter Baumanagement, BEOS AG

22.323,26 m²

Total rental area

12.001,19 m²

Areas for halls

10.322,07 m²

Flex Space

approx. 700 m²

Smallest rental unit


Car parking spaces


Parking deck levels for 247 cars


Parking spaces for bicycles


Depending on requirements, the buildings can be subdivided horizontally or vertically. Rental units range from approximately 700 square meters to huge halls. Tenants have the freedom to make modifications that their business and working model envisages.


As a space for research and development, teamwork and communication, the GIESSEREI Garching is optimally integrated into the knowledge location Hochbrück. Many renowned companies, institutes and organizations enable possibilities for interdisciplinary cooperation over short distances.

The ideal connection to the city of Munich as well as to national and international air and long-distance traffic are the best arguments for locating outside of the high cost city center. At the same time, the highly qualified talents that Munich's job market has to offer are still in immediate vicinity.